Pure Power, Pure Max Lami

Max Lami brings basic, everyday but sophisticated and above all: practical T shirts with a twist. His unique apparel with a wide appeal combines urban design with comfort and portrays a style of metropolitan living. Max Lami loves thinking outside of the box and this is portrayed in his designs and style.

About Max Lami

Max Lami, a Shoreditch Graphic designer, has more than 10 years of experience in graphic design and has now, due to popular demand, launched his very first T-shirt line. He started drawing out his first designs T-shirt designs at 25 when he noticed that the skating apparel was both expensive and uncreative.

Max’s T shirts became an instant rage at the local skate parks which prompted him to start up his own website and business.
Max Lami tries to marry modern design with an urban feel. All products used are tried and tested by hundreds of skaters and have been chosen for comfort and ease while riding your board.